A supervision and control service for industrial customers, helping to optimize production, operations and maintenance of assets.
24 h a day, 365 days a year.

  • Wind

  • Solar

  • Oil/Gas

  • Hydroelectric

  • Biomass and Biogas

  • Microgrids

  • Storage

  • Thermal


  • Drinking water and wastewater systems

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Mines

  • Careers

  • Sawmill

  • Fish-processing plants


  • Building mechanicals

  • Computer networks

  • Energy efficiency

  • Home automation

 We keep an eye on your assets 24/24


Real-time monitoring

  • Monitoring of production
  • Monitoring of current weather conditions and forecasts
  • Monitoring of the condition of production and support equipment
  • Monitoring of the condition of computer equipment
  • Monitoring of surveillance devices (alarms, cameras, etc.)
  • Tracking of movements on sites
  • Supervision and management of cyber security and remote computer access

Troubleshooting support

  • Remote pre-diagnostics in case of production stoppage
  • Assistance of production managers and operations in their interventions
  • Emergency team deployment planning

Performance reports

  • Generation of production reports
  • Monitoring of the performance of critical assets
  • Generation of operation and maintenance reports

Specialized team

  • A team specialized in 24/7/365 operator support
  • A team of engineers and technicians specialized in automation and industrial computing in support of control centre operators
  • Skilled resources
  • English and French Staff trained on the specific procedures for each customer
  • Employees who speak the language of the production managers and operators and understand their trade

Rigorous procedures

  • Authorization management system adapted to each customer
  • Each procedure is carefully developed and adapted.
  • Cutting-edge computer systems
  • Specialized tools for weather tracking and forecasting
  • Tools for tracking movements (transport)
  • Cyber security infrastructure

Expertise in the northern climate

  • Expertise in North America’s unique northern climate
  • Ice
  • Winter storms


Raglan Wind Turbine

Cartier Énergie éolienne

Why choose us?

  • Minimize downtime and the consequences of stoppages
  • Anticipate the causes of stoppages and plan the right interventions
  • Have more control over your operations
  • Reduce vandalism and cyber attacks

We are also experts in Industrial IT automation

Our customers



« We have entrusted our information technology systems to the excellent services of Le Groupe Ohméga for a number of years. While discussing our needs related to 24/7 services, it became clear that the services they offered were a good match and complemented our already existing services, enabling us to attain a high level of efficiency in operating our wind farms ».

Robert Guillemette,
Executive director of Cartier Énergie Éolienne