A supervision and control service for industrial customers, helping to optimize production, operations and maintenance of assets.
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GONOCC_About us

GONOCC, a division of the Ohmega Group Inc.

The Ohmega Group enjoys a solid reputation and recognition in several Quebec industries. Since 2005, the growth of its automation and industrial computing department, along with the scope of its activities, has been a competitive advantage over other services offered to owners of production assets. The company takes advantage of this aspect as part of its business development.

The various industries (wind power in particular) are increasingly looking for cutting-edge technological solutions to help optimize production and thereby optimize revenue. A control centre with the capacity to integrate an advanced supervision module undoubtedly comes in response to such a trend.

GONOCC was founded in 2015 to meet this demand, after having secured a major contract with nearly 400 wind turbines to supervise and control. Thanks to the Ohmega Group’s experience gained on multiple SCADA platforms to support wind power and industrial projects, the company can use the existing systems as monitoring tools.

GONOCC ‘s mission is to provide a control and supervision service adapted to industrial clients , to optimize production , operations and maintenance of assets.

Our values

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Discipline
  • Responsability
  • efficiency

The Ohmega Group Inc.

Founded in 1982 by Mr. Évangéliste Bourdages in Gaspé, the company made its debut in the construction electricity sector and then expanded its activities to the sectors of plumbing, automation and wind power consulting engineering, as well as maintenance and repair services.

On January 1, 2007, Mr. Bourdages stepped down and handed over his leadership role to a group of seven shareholders, all of whom were company employees. The company has maintained its original activities by adding a SCADA design and maintenance service adapted for wind power, carried out by the automation and industrial computing department. The development of this sector has proven to be quite promising, since this department has gone from 2 to 20 employees in less than 7 years and has seen strong growth of its operations in recent years.

Indeed, the company is among the pioneers of the wind power sector in Quebec by its specialization in recent years in wind farm control, automation and telecommunications. The company is recognized in Quebec’s wind power sector for its expertise, its quality work, its local customer service of proximity and its listening to the customer’s needs. Its strong presence in most of Quebec’s wind farms makes the Ohmega Group a benchmark resource in the development of new wind power projects. The Ohmega Group also exports its know-how beyond regional borders, particularly in Ontario and Alberta, which gives it a well-filled order book for the coming years. This strong growth is all the more interesting considering that its competition remains essentially international.

In spring 2015, the successor to the group of seven company shareholders, Mr. Martin Boulay, then-Vice President, made the decision to acquire 100% of the shares of the Ohmega Group Inc.
He also holds all of the shares in the company known as the Ohmega Group – Construction Division Inc. With a degree in electrical engineering from Université Laval, Mr. Boulay subsequently pursued graduate-level studies in project management at Université du Québec à Rimouski and then completed his MBA at Universtié de Moncton. He has nearly 15 yeras of experience in automation and control projects. 2015 saw the creation of a new entity, GONOCC: The Ohmega Group – Control Centre Division Inc., also held 100% by the Ohmega Group Inc.